Business Success: Why It Comes Easily To Some People and Not Others

Regardless of whether everyone opens and runs the same kind of business, the reality is that some businesses will do well and others not as much or even fail. As a matter of fact, this analogy applies to many other areas of life. If you line up a success and failure side by side, the one thing that stands out is the power of making decisions. Some decisions can be hard to make, especially those that could result in a big gain or loss. A decision is more than a thought; it involves mapping out your goals then working towards them with specific action.
Here is how to break down the concept of decision making;

1. View yourself as a success
Most people in business start out gung-ho, with a vision for what they want their business to be. The problem comes when they begin to make excuses and with an excuse, elements of the self-doubt crop in. “I would like to have an online store, but I am not tech savvy”. Every time you validate the existence of an obstacle, you begin to accept it as part of life. Be brave. You can accomplish anything!

2. Understand what success entails
This concept is best seen in employees; it so often happens that a newcomer gets promoted ahead of someone who has been around a longer time. It is easy for the stagnated party to feel discriminated against but emotions aside, thinking that you are working hard does not mean you are – or even effectively. Business managers need to understand the elements that keep a business in operation and those that propel it forward.

3. Find courage
A successful business is anchored on the reliability of its clients. Realistically, there are so many companies doing the same thing, that it is not just enough to sit and wait for business; assertiveness and success must go hand in hand. Have you seen a gap in the market that can be filled by what you do? So, hit the market hard with your valuable message. You might get more traction that you expect.

4. Focus on your strengths
No one is born an expert as far as running a business is concerned, but you might be a natural in a particular interest area. If people are willing to pay for your skills, the more reason for you to perfect them. The most successful business people are those who identify a need in the market, then become or pay the best talent to meet this need.

5. Invest in sales and marketing

If you have a business of any sorts, the aspect of sales and marketing cannot be overlooked. True, there may be products and services that seem to move themselves, but you first need to create awareness that they are there and then convince your target audience that they need them. All this costs money not to mention the cost of setting up a marketing strategy, online and otherwise.

6. Seek to build purposeful networks
The internet provides avenues for people to interact and socialize across borders. For a long time, businesses operated as monopolies, which meant that they did not always have to try too hard to penetrate new markets. Keep abreast of establish marketing trends, set up strong networking links, and use technology to help meet your company goals.

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Every business starts at a specific place and grows at different rates. As your business grows, you may need the honest opinions from different professionals or consultants as to the pace and direction that your company is taking. Outsourcing a proven bookkeeping service could prove hugely beneficial to you as the business owner for a number of reasons as discussed below.

Unbiased information from accountants and bookkeepers

An external accountant can help your business to stay on path toward targeted profits, while your internal bookkeeper is emotionally attached to the business. However, hiring an external bookkeeper will be beneficial because their work and examination of the finances will be more objective. Thus, they will give crucial insight that can greatly change the financial situation of your business. It is important to get both positive and negative information.

Reduced costs

Outsourcing a bookkeeping service should save you money in different ways. To begin with, you do not have to pay for their payroll taxes. Since the bookkeeper is not your permanent employee, they do not have the right to paid vacations and other employee benefits that may apply in your company. Your permanently employed bookkeeper would have less work to do especially when your business is at the crucial growth stage and with hundreds of transactions, freeing up their time for more critical functions. Your external bookkeeper will also ensure that the business saves as much as possible by acting as a watchdog for the company – without being clouded by an emotional tie to the company.

It could easily be much cheaper for you to pay the bookkeeping service as compared to having a permanent accountant in your business. Similarly, a trained accountant gets the chance to work for more than one company hence growing their experience in the business practices they specialize in.

Reduced turnover risks

It is common for an internal bookkeeper to leave your business possibly because of a better opportunity in the market or to pursue personal interests. This can cause a financial mayhem in your business from un-captured business transactions to poor cash flows. Outsourcing a bookkeeping service ensures that business is not affected much once your internal book keeper leaves. It is highly uncommon for a bookkeeping service to drop your business as one of its clients since their interest in on long term business.

Your business and industry needs an expert

Notice the difference between general bookkeepers and expert bookkeepers. You need to be in a position to locate a bookkeeping expert to cater to your unique needs as a company and in the industry where you serve. Always ensure that the expert that serves you has worked with other companies with similar interests and size to yours. This means that they have market and industry experience to see your business grow as well.

Focus on your priorities

Your external bookkeeper gives you enough time to focus on other important issues concerning your business. Seeking to focus on your company sales? Do you have the relevant business reports? Your external bookkeeper should produce them for you so that you know where to base your focus. While they tackle specific business operations, your bookkeeping service can advise you when unforeseen costs arise or identify areas for higher profitability – which is why you are in business in the first place.

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It is challenging for everyone to run and scale their businesses. However, those business starters equipped with solid foundation through best practices find it easier and smoother to make it a successful journey. You need to understand what it takes to build a business as well as how equipped you are to face arising challenges. Learn some of the business practices that help build a strong business.

Set team expectations

Try not to expect to start your business and run it all alone. You will need several other people to take up different roles in some of the crucial departments, along with potential outsourcing options. Setting these expectations as a team makes a key impact in building a business. As the company grows, you will have to add more staff, give management and executive roles to some of the people that you started with and schedule meetings – just to mention a few items that will need to be addressed.

Meetings conducted as a team are an important business practice that leads to a discussion of the challenges and accomplishments in every department. Departments also get a chance to give and get feedback from the top management.

Be a good manager, put ego aside

Most business owners, CEOs and executive managers have different methods of leadership and management that they find most applicable in their businesses. Many of them tend to forget that there are some personal characteristics and company dynamics that cannot just be ignored. Understand that you are dealing with people. Employees are an essential human component in your business and are your biggest asset. When you treat them well, they will be motivated to work for you. However, if you treat them as simple tools to help make the company money, the whole management system is bound to fail.

Have a clear process and protocol

Your business will thrive if you allow order, due process and protocol to take in. This is because each of the team members understands what is important to them and to the business. If a task should be completed, for instance, the team should understand the right funnel and order of operations depending on the level of management that should handle it. A good process reduces information fumbling, makes operations faster and easier, and also promotes efficiency in the business.

Promote a feedback program among team members

Once each department gets to work, it is not easy for the management to know the issues affecting it unless they speak out. This feedback system ensures that everything aligns well. It is essential to delegate and assign specific roles to specific individuals. This makes every team member responsible and accountable for their actions. Are you an efficient business owner? Do all the daily activities match your core competencies? If you answered NO to these questions, then you have a long way to go. You will need the feedback and opinion of your team. This is the only way the company will deal with uprising inefficiencies and personnel obstacles. Your business will grow and the team will consequently be happy working for you.

Keep operations transparent and the processes well-documented

Transparency is powerful in building strong business operations. You can perform quick cross-checks, and apply social collaboration tools to promote transparency in your processes. Keep your mission and goals communicated to the team, and your team will help you achieve them.

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The corporate world has over the years been taken by storm by thousands of successful small businesses throughout the US. Emerging small businesses have invested in the secrets of becoming successful and their dedication and drive have paid off over and over again.

Business owners are true visionaries and are always trying to stay one step ahead to secure their success in an ever competitive market. Each day, businesses may come up with strategies to help them grow the extra mile. Unfortunately, these strategies don’t always work as planned, leaving the business owners frustrated. To help avoid such situations, here are a few guidelines to assist in the growth of your business:

Hire the right people
The success of a business is not achieved overnight. Once business owners have set their plans in motion, they sometimes fail to adhere to factors such as their staff to bring their plans to life. No matter how promising the growth trajectory is, without a solid staff, the business is bound to fail. Having the right well-trained and motivated players paves the way for achieving the targeted growth trajectory.

Be adaptive

Nothing in the business world remains stagnant, especially with the rise of technology and its application in virtually all business sectors. Measures should be put in place to help businesses, large or small, to keep up with the emerging issues of the business industry. If there is no strategic and efficient measures, a business may fail to recover from the loss incurred due to a market shift. If the market demands the use of social media and other technological advancements, then business owners should embrace the change and incorporate it into their business.

Always plan ahead
There is no certainty of success in business strategies formulated to help grow a business. However, for businesses that are averse to risk or trying to keep up with changing markets, they can remain stagnant and eventually collapse. Planning ahead gives confidence to a business owner in the implementation of new strategies, while accounting for projected outcomes or trends. If there is a slight hint of failure in the implementation of business plans, then a counteractive plan is put in place to help redirect the business. Being agile is a key component to business success.

Reduce risks
In order to grow your business, you need to cut all unnecessary costs that could have been avoided, yet maintain control mechanisms to protect company data. Information such as personal employee data, product designs and customer records in the wrong hands could cause massive damage to the business. If there should be a situation compromising any of this information, business ought to have insurance coverage to cover investigations, and damage repairs. Growing a business can be stressful, but with adherence to the above information, it can become much more manageable. Businesses owners should be aggressive and smart in making the right choice to grow their business. If an owner does not have all the answers, which most do not, then hiring consultants or outside experts can help keep the business steering toward success.

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The best business leader or owner is one who motivates employees using positive business management practices. Business management good practices seek to get employees to perform at their best, and hence producing the best results with the available resources.
A great manager must learn what motivates employees to work well by assessing the best practices that match their needs and those of the company. Are you simply a business owner or an engaging / caring manager? The following best business practices can help you to motivate your staff and create a streamlined system of inspired employees.

Engage your employees

Alienated employees generally care less about the duties and jobs assigned to them. Their only interest is on the outcome of their work, that is, their pay check. They may seek to advance their interests at the expense of the company. As a business manager, the first thing you should find out is how to make your employees care more about the business vision, and really become a part of it. Engaged employees are productive and enthusiastic. They tend to have an emotional connection towards the company. For this reason, they are more active, and take responsibility for their performance. They can remain to be valuable talents to your company for years.

Reward employee efforts

Everyone likes their work to be recognized. When you recognize the efforts of your employees, they feel valued and motivated. A simple word of ‘thank you’ or ‘job well done’ goes a long way in motivating your employees. Unfortunately, many managers ignore this appreciation bit of their management practices, and fail to understand how motivated employees feel when the company recognizes their hard work. Rewarding employees motivates them to achieve more and builds company loyalty.

Managers should be vulnerable

Do you consider yourself a good business manager? Be known to your employees and get to know them. Try not to be an anonymous figure to your staff. Rather, you need to know that your workers need you for their motivation, not unlike a good sports coach. Vulnerability is also fundamental in managing team dynamics. It is impossible for you to build trust across the team unless you learn to speak openly and share your ideas of the company direction. Employees feel confident when working with or for an open and interactive manager.

Maintain your commitment

As a manager, you should ensure that the team members trust each other. This ensures that they devote their time airing real opinions and working towards a common goal or solution. Less committed employees avoid conflicts by sweeping everything under the carpet instead of discussing their challenges with the rest of the team. The lack of commitment makes it difficult to manage team dynamics. Committed employees and business managers do not fear or avoid conflict. Rather, they welcome it. When the team members have differing, yet respectful, opinions, it brings them closer to the achieving company goals, and trust is built accordingly.

Focus on your team’s effort

Good business managers invest their energy and resources on ensuring that the team gets off on the right foot. They host retreats in effort to build solidarity and ideas. It is important for managers to clearly state their focus on current team dynamics so that individual activities do not distract team members. Try to reassess and realign team goals to help the team achieve maximum results.

Maintain high expectations for your employees, and give them the tools and motivation to achieve their goals.

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Bookkeeping is an essential operation to your business, without which it is impossible to monitor the actual growth, failure or success of your business. You might not understand why there is not enough money to run your business even after injecting thousands in capital or generating record revenue. You need to accurately monitor and record all income and expenditures to tract the ongoing health of your business. Below are a few undeniable benefits of professional bookkeeping to any business.

Cash related benefits – Bookkeeping comes with numerous cash management benefits. For instance, it is easier for you to manage all your customer and supplier accounts when they are well arranged on paper ledgers or clearly tracked on a computer software such as QuickBooks. You will find it easier to prepare a business budget and track all your cash flows. Your business will be in a position to account for every coin that it earns and spends. It is important for you to have an accurate financial trail to better manage your cash.

Sound business decisions – Having proper bookkeeping records for your business helps to better qualify your decision making. It is easier for you and the stakeholders to highlight opportunities for increased business, reduce cash-flow problems, and control spending. This is only possible through proper bookkeeping. All the bookkeeping records are important depending on the size of your business. Your accountant should be in a position to explain what each of the records or business document means. Additionally, lenders also find it easier to give business loans to businesses with proper financials.

It reduces business risks – While it is important for every accountant to act with integrity and transparency, certain employees or business partners may not act appropriately. When your business has a proper bookkeeping system, it is possible and easier to detect fund embezzlement or internal fraud. Similarly, your accountant will find it easier to spot suspicious business transactions, hence potentially saving the company a lot of money. As a business owner, it is important to keep tabs on your finances to ensure that they are accurate and to help spot any suspicious activity.

Compliance related benefits – Do you understand the business and tax laws that govern the industry in which you operate? How much do you comply with them?  A professional Bookkeeper not only helps you to understand the laws, but makes it possible for you to monitor your payments and conformance. Bookkeeping allows you to pay your income, payroll and sales taxes as well as employee compensation, and audits can prove much less stressful.

Every smart business owner takes the accounting function seriously. This is because they understand the benefits of accounting for every transaction and every dollar spent in the business. It makes them better decision makers, especially on matters concerning money. It is also easier for them to conduct business analysis to understand the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Insist on understanding your company’s books and let your business thrive.

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Building a new business does not imply achieving success right away.  Consider it more of a marathon than a race. Focus should actually be on how to build success that lasts. Moving forward, it is acceptable and inevitable for your business to record minimal or unexpected low results from time to time. It’s often your actions and decisions during these down times that determine the future success of your business. Looking for tips on how to build long-lasting success in your business? Read on.

Prioritize on what matters the most – Your business can become highly successful, but you have to always remember that you cannot do everything. Attempting to do everything as an owner can quickly lead to burnout or frustration. Focusing on priorities and putting efforts on only what matters will help you to more effectively build your business and its future. Delegate functions to employees or associates, and let them have a say in the direction or the business.

Early career engagement builds long term commitment – As you build your team, it is important that you figure out how to maintain talent. Talent in team building has as much weight as solid recruiting. How do you treat new and young employees? Do they have an environment that allows them to engage early? Notice that engaging newer employees boosts their commitment towards the company and motivates them to stick around longer.

Develop business vision and mission – Every entrepreneur needs to understand the importance of creating a business plan. The problem is that they focus too much on developing a perfect plan that they do not remember to set a well thought out company vision, mission or set of achievable goals. A business plan is important in setting the pace for the business, but the vision gives required credence to the business plan and should never be ignored.

Reduce costs – Your business may be still young and needs to be as financially efficient as possible. It is inevitable for your business to incur a wide range of costs. Whenever possible, reduce these costs by reducing expenses and increasing revenue. In the long run, your business will discover many opportunities. For example, instead of buying expensive machinery, choosing to build a business through outsourcing might prove more more cost effective. The essence is to go for the options that cost the company less for the same added value.

Market strategies – Building a business requires that you set different strategies to cater for different departments and business sections. It is important for the business to have in place a strategy that helps it optimally deliver products or services to customers in the best possible way. A good go-to market strategy boosts your company sales and ensures productive relationships and partnerships between you and potential customers and investors.

Build on social media success – Social media marketing undergoes constant changes. Most businesses overlook the critical factors to be considered while developing a social media strategy. Use the power of social media to build online awareness about your business. There are different tactics that can help you build short-term traffic, along with proven strategies to help build a long term online presence through social media.

Building a business includes many aspects. Keep focused and keep shooting for the stars.

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Setting business goals can make a major difference for your company. It makes a lot of sense to consider taking your time to look at your organization from a wider perspective, which makes it possible to make future plans.

Setting goals provides your company with a vital structured framework. Having well-defined business goals provides a comprehensive guideline to help you take your business to the next level – that is if you actually stay on point with creating smart strategies to realize your company goals.

Setting realistic goals has multiple benefits including the following:

  1.  Optimum Use of Resources

Setting realistic and achievable goals can play a major role in promoting optimum use of resources. It helps you prioritize those things that you most need to achieve. It ensures that you avail your resources on things you consider as important rather than on others you are doing by deflection.

  1. Aids Performance Evaluation

It is easy to evaluate employees’ performance by setting business goals. It helps employees to create benchmarks and achievable targets. Goals provide employees with valuable directions that can help them achieve their individual workplace goals, and gain their career incentives set forth by management.

  1. Meet Financial Targets

Well-structured business goals can be invaluable in helping a company in terms of gauging their efforts that help them achieve their sales targets. Business goals help in estimating a business’ profit margin among other details.

  1. Leadership Team Cohesion

Setting goals makes it easy for people to understand what is required of them at work. Goals play a vital role in providing a greater rationale for the decision-making process in regard to sales programs, hiring, incentives and acquisitions among other financially driven business decisions.

  1. Measure Success

Many major organizations set achievable business goals to help in measuring their company’s success. Setting business goals allows entrepreneurs to look at their company from a business economic and competitive perspective. There is no better and clearer way of measuring the success of your business than setting goals.

  1. Attracts Stakeholders

Most shareholders, lenders, and investors get attracted to businesses that have clear and realistic long term goals. All these players can form an intrinsic part of any business. Most of them depend on companies’ short and long-term goals to make their stake holding decisions.

  1.  Motivates the Workforce

Setting goals can help in motivating the workforce. It is, therefore, imperative for any business to have firm goals in place to encourage their workforce to improve their performance. Business goals play a significant part in improving your workforce’s productivity.


Business goals should be specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely for maximum benefits to your company. Here’s to your success!

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The business sector can be brutal particularly to the small businesses. The dominating large and successful businesses might overshadow those upcoming small businesses leading them into extinction. The key for a small business to co-exist and compete against the hostile business giants is to place policies and procedures aimed at improving the business.

Handling customer complaints, increasing sales, marketing, team management and advertising are just some of the related areas for developing efficient policies and procedures.

However, mistakes can compromise all the efforts made to keep small businesses in play. Some of the common mistakes that are made by small business. and how they can be averted are;

  • Lack of trust

Trust is the backbone of every business. To secure small business development, small business owners must trust their employees (and vice a versa). Due to fear of failure, or occurrence of an unexplainable situation causing small business to deteriorate, owners may disengage their trust with their employees. This will make them focus on overseeing every move that their employees make and the business owner becomes a micro-manager, not good for anyone especially for the growth of the company. If you cannot trust the people you hired, then the business can easily become stagnant. Learn to trust your team.

  • Failure to find your niche

Small businesses can be flexible, since they are mostly starting out. Business owners fail to specialize on what they are good at. The fact that small businesses are flexible does not mean that you should try all the niches. Find your niche, one that you can thrive at, then invest in it. Know your target audience and largest customer base so as to strategize how to attract more customers and distribute your product to your very specific audience.  In other words, know your “avatar”.

  • Avoiding professional help

Small business owners may prefer handling all the issues on their own due to factors such as inadequate funds. This leads them to multitask even in the areas they do not excel in. Why try web design if you are not 100% certain that the site will lead to the greater good of the business? The only way out of this mistake is to evaluate the cost and the benefits of hiring a professional to help. Professionals are skilled at what they do, and therefore can do a better job than you can. It is better to incur an extra cost which will lead to your small business development. So, stick to what you are good at, and let professionals help you with what they excel at.

  • Inability to communicate

Coming up with an idea on how to expand your business is easy, but conveying it might be a challenge. Some small business owners do not know how to effectively share information in a manner that their employees can fully understand. The solution to this is to compose oneself and give clear, concise and precise direction.  Always ask for feedback, and ensure that your messaging is accurately received and understood.

  • Lack of proper marketing

There are many marketing strategies, which often small businesses are not too quick to use. However, without proper utilization, their marketing strategy fails. Bringing on an expert on marketing can benefit your business in the long run. Hiring a professional marketing or business consultant can put your business lightyears ahead compared to if you don’t hire one in the first place.

If you are a small business trying to make it, evaluate your business and correct any of the above mistakes that you may find.  Here’s to your success!

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A good website can be an amazing asset for any business. Many entrepreneurs who fail to establish a solid online presence for their small businesses find themselves struggling to keep up with their competitors.
Failing to invest in a good , mobile friendly website is one perfect way of depriving your business a great opportunity to generate more profit and revenues, as there are more than 2.6 billion Internet users globally today.
In a modern business set up, the internet acts as a great tool for buying and selling goods and services, education, communicating, entertainment and sharing information. So, don’t miss out by not having a good website or by not having one at all. Consider it your online business card.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a good website;

  1.  Credibility

Investing in a good website is one of the best ways of building your business credibility. It is worth remembering that consumers feel comfortable doing business with people they can trust. A well-designed, responsive website acts as a tool for ensuring that you provide high-quality products or services to your customers. A website helps in building your credibility through testimonials and referrals from others. Modern customers have a tendency to look for a brand online first before they can actually engage in business with them.

  1.  Easier marketing

The Internet has made marketing much easier by opening up national and even global opportunities for entrepreneurs. Having a good website is an incredible way of building a strong online presence for your brand. It allows you as a business owner to advertise and market your company without limitations. Many entrepreneurs have successfully managed to transform their small businesses into giant companies through online marketing strategies.

  1.  Promotes better Customer service

Web sites make it possible for entrepreneurs to provide better customer service for their niche market. It becomes extremely easy for customers to give their opinions about a brand. A good website should have a FAQ section. It makes it possible for investors to communicate with their customers. Most customers feel appreciated, valued and treasured when there is effective sharing of information.

  1.  Convenient

Modern consumers prefer to shop for products and services online. The main reason for this is that shopping online is not only time saving but convenient. All these things are only possible when there is a good website. People no longer fancy driving around aimlessly to buy goods or services. They feel more comfortable purchasing for whatever they need online without living the comfort of their living rooms.

  1.  24/7 Accessibility

The good thing about having a good website is that it works for you round the clock. It eliminates the need to hire a 24-hour staff for your business. Having a website ensures that potential customers can access your products and services 24/7 at their own convenience.


Having a good website is no longer an option but a necessity for any business. Start building or enhancing yours today!

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